Our Media team once again worked with Fine Point Films, this time to advise on an outstanding documentary to be broadcast tonight that recounts a brave victim’s experience of an abusive relationship by a then serving member of An Garda Síochána.

Nicola, the former partner of the jailed garda has spoken publicly for the first time about the abuse and control she suffered while battling cancer. This documentary sheds light on the impact of coercive control and the experiences of those who have suffered from it.

Paul Moody pleaded guilty to a number of crimes in 2022 and Nicola now urges more women to seek support. Recent figures from An Garda Síochána show an 8 per cent increase in domestic violence calls made in 2023 with Gardaí receiving 54,000 calls regarding domestic abuse complaints this year.  

“Taking Back Control” airs tonight at 9:35pm on RTE One.

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