Charlie Bird's final documentary "Ransom '79," set to be released in Irish cinemas this Friday, delves into a riveting true crime story which had remained hidden for decades. The film, directed by Colm Quinn and produced by Break Out Pictures with support from Screen Ireland, chronicles Bird’s pursuit of one last major story despite his battle with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

"Ransom '79" explores an attempt by a criminal gang to extort millions from the Irish government, a plot that transitions from farce to tragedy in a dramatically different Ireland. Bird, who lost his voice to MND, continued his investigation using a voice app on his iPad, demonstrating remarkable determination and resilience.

The documentary not only highlights Bird’s investigative prowess but also serves as a poignant reflection on his life and career, capturing his unyielding spirit in the face of a terminal illness.

Media & Entertainment partner, Kieran Kelly, legally reviewed the film acting for Break Out Pictures. The firm is proud to have acted on this documentary, particularly after the passing of Bird in March this year. Charlie Bird's legacy is marked by his distinguished career in journalism, his brave and impactful reporting on critical events and his advocacy for important social issues. His contributions have shaped Irish media and public life, which made him a celebrated and influential figure.

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